Superb Grip in All Weather, on All Terrain, All year round

Our spikes give you unbeatable grip on ice, snow, mud, grass, silt and asphalt. If you run, walk or trek on mixed terrain all year round then our spikes are essential for your stability


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Who does not want superb grip!?

  • Put spikes on your winter shoes / boots, without damaging the sole
  • Go for a run in your favourite trainers, even in ice or snow
  • Easy to fit and remove after use
  • Cheaper alternative than to buy ready-made spiked shoes or clip on cleats
  • Can be used on all types of shoes/trainers/boots etc.
  • No more loose or ugly cleats!
  • and of courseโ€ฆ superb grip!

High quality that lasts

If you want to wear your shoes at home or at an indoor venue when you have your spikes on? No problem, just unscrew the spikes and put them in again when you need to.

  • Strong, sturdy material
  • Do not fall off
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long durability
  • Hidden from view

Works on any shoe

With spikes from SuperbGrip you can insert into whatever shoes that are your most comfortable. When the bad weather is over, you just remove the spikes and store them ready for next time.

  • A good choice for anyone who runs all year round, walks in the countryside, Fishes or Hunts
  • Requires a minimum of 10-15 mm sole
  • Screw the spike into your footwear with the special supplied tool or use screwdriver or battery drill for fast fitting


Yes, your spikes work with all regular running shoes and boots. If your shoes are extra thin, we recommend that you use the Monster version, otherwise both of the models work for all types of running shoes.

Yes, you can. You can remove and reinsert the spikes over and over again.

Yes, you do. Assembly tools are included.


Use the spikes in your favourite running shoes. The spikes give you grip ice, snow, mud, wet grass and asphalt.

Assembling spikes on your hiking shoes, will give extra good grip when you're out hiking or walking the dog.

Get a better grip, when on slippery rocks, in the river or by the lake side with spikes fitted to your wellies or favourite fishing waders.

Extra grip when trekking through tough terrain without having to buy expensive Hiking Boots or bespoke cleats.


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Gorilla are suitable for most users, which have 12 mm spikes. Monster are for more advanced users with shoes with thinner soles. Buy the "For 2", if you want superb grip for more than 1 pair of shoes.
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