Attaching the spikes to your shoes is easy. With our assembly tools (included in the package) you can assemble the spikes manually or with an electric screwdriver.

You need:

We recommend that you use 6 spikes at the front of the shoe, 4 at the back. To maximize efficiency, place the spikes at the edges rather than on the inside of the shoe sole. Nothing stops you from adding, moving or removing the spikes to fit your needs – one of the perks is the option to customize.

  1. Plan out where you want to place your spikes
  2. Assemble the SuperbGrip tool to your screwdriver
  3. Put the first spike in the tool
  4. Screw in the SuperbGrip spikes

Note that you should press down hard to ensure the spike goes in all the way. Stop as soon as the spike is attached.

Here is what the end result should look like, but adjust as you like to get SuperbGrip on your favorite shoes:

Now you are ready to conquer even the hardest terrain

Have fun, be careful and enjoy!